Yantra, which means support or instrument, has its origins in the Hindu tradition

These drawings, with their geometric shapes, are used as visual aids in meditation.

With its elegant and minimalist shape, the Yantra rush becomes a support for elastics.
It sublimates and frees the wrists, to embody the free spirit.

After a long journey around the world, Ludovic returned to France to rediscover Paris and observe the effervescence of the capital.

While he is sharing a lunch, one detail catches his attention: three of his friends wear a black-haired rubber band on their wrists. They don’t even seem to notice it anymore, but he finds it unattractive.

Amused he points it out and they concede that even if it is neither aesthetic nor pleasant, it avoids misplacing it…

Intrigued by this little trouble encountered by so many women and girls, he then began to imagine a bracelet that was both chic and practical. Yantra is then blossoming…

The young designer then set about putting his idea into practice to revive the power of the Yantra through a collection of clever and refined bracelets.

From now on, whatever your style and the colour of your outfit, you are in harmony with the present moment, both elegant and modern, because your Yantra accompanies you everywhere.